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The first day or so the lavender scent enveloped my office nicely. I assumed my nose had gotten used to it. Then I changed jobs and unpacked the warmer and plugged it back in.

How Do I Join Scentsy in Europe?

You need to take your time to build and train your team and support their success, you have to work on yourself and self develop so you can grow as much as you want your income to. Thanks for the great read Jennifer. As a senior leader in Scentsy i read the article with a firm knowledge of the company and i found the phrase about it not being easy to reach the top interesting.

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Simple Way to Earn Free Scentsy by Sharing your personal link with friends/family or on Social Media when they order using your link. In 2009, the company expanded into Canada and in 2011, it expanded again, into the United Kingdom and Germany. In 2012, the company had over 170,000 active independent consultants. At order Scentsy Uk of 2015, this number had fallen to 95,891. Co-founder Kara Egan remained with the company as a consultant and had over 42,000 down line consultants as of 2012.

Does Scentsy just have warmers? –We have a variety of warmers and scents to pick from. There is something for everyone. They also have scent paks you can place in your car if you want your car to smell amazing.

Any party in the UK above £150 will qualify for free shipping. Any party in Germany or Ireland above €175 will qualify for free shipping. As with most MLMs, director level sellers can expect exponential earnings growth with potential Directors earnings reaching $292,422 and SuperStar Director earning reaching $296,422. Again those are just maximims, and the actual annual averages—$15,589 and $219,313, respectively—tell a different story.

To soothe skin while keeping coats clean, soft and smelling fresh. 24 Scentsy Club Add Disney and Marvel products to your subscription! Promotes mental health, wellbeing and recovery to people, families and communities. Your life with fragrance, both at home and on the go. Start getting 20% commission, even on your own orders. My niece was hosting a party and I was trying to help her.