Adding one of the best PS5 SSDs to your console is quickly becoming a necessity. As the library of best PS5 games continues to grow each month, and the average file size of current-gen titles balloon, the stock PS5 hard drive just doesn’t stretch far enough. 

Fortunately, over the last two years, the price of upgrading your PS5’s storage has dramatically shrunk. In the summer of 2021, I paid $270 for a 1TB SSD, but recent sales have seen the likes of the WD_Black SN850X 1TB SSD drop as low as $59 at various retailers. And right now Amazon is offering a selection of huge savings across a range of PS5 compatible SSDs. 

So, if you’re running low on storage space, or just want to be prepared for the avalanche of new PS5 games launching over the next few months, be sure to grab yourself a discounted PS5 SSD in this Amazon sale. Below you’ll find our top picks. 

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