The 7 Best Smart Plugs of 2023 – Wi-Fi Smart Plug Reviews

<h2 class=”body-h2″>What Can You Use Smart Plugs For? </h2><p>Bettering home security and monitoring energy consumption are perhaps the most common reasons people initially seek out smart plugs. But once these handy gadgets are in your possession, figuring out creative ways to use them is sure to follow. </p><p>To kick off brainstorming, think of all the appliances and gadgets that would be helpful to automatically turn on or charge before you open your eyes or get home: a coffee maker, your hair straightener, a heated blanket, a Crockpot. Likewise, think of what you might want to power down or switch off for safety after you fall asleep or leave the house.<br></p><p>Another great way to use smart plugs is to control electronics that are physically out of reach—things like an attic fan or <a href=””>ductless air conditioner</a> may be contenders, or modems that need occasional restarting from beneath the sofa.</p><ul></ul><h3 class=”body-h3″>What Else to Consider</h3><p>As mentioned above, it’s essential to ensure the smart plug you buy is compatible with your smart home setup. Not all work with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, or Apple HomeKit—or not yet, anyway, though there are <a href=””>up-and-coming universal standards</a>. </p><p>It’s also imperative that the smart plug app is intuitive and offers features that meet your needs, including things like scheduling and Away Mode. We checked out the apps for the plugs we tried out to ensure the user interface is easy to understand and use.</p><p>Take stock of everything in your house you want to connect to determine how many amps you need, because every smart plug has a limit. For gadgets and smaller appliances, you’ll probably be fine with a plug that caps off at 10 or 12 amps. For large appliances like air conditioners or space heaters, it’s best to buy a smart plug with 15 amps or more. <br></p><h2 class=”body-h2″>How We Selected</h2><p>We dug into our own smart home expertise and consulted <a href=”” target=”_blank”>our tech colleagues</a> at our sister publication <em>Best Products </em>to inform our initial research. After identifying the latest smart plug models available from top brands, we called in samples from Kasa, Lutron, Amazon, Wemo (made by Belkin), and Wyze. After unboxing each and noting first impression of quality and clarity of instructions, we got to work to see how each measured up, taking into account metrics like compatibility, user experience, power, size, and aesthetics. Our final selection represents the best smart plugs in each category, which include best overall and best bang for your buck, along with specific use cases such as the best smart plugs for lighting and power strips.</p>” />

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