“No offence to Olaplex, but I don’t use their products. I don’t color my hair and I only heat style it gently (using the round brush attachment on the Dyson Airwrap) once, maybe twice a week, so it’s not damaged. Plus, I’m wary of any product that’s going to add weight or make my fine hair feel sticky, which often happens with bond builders, like the Olaplex conditioners and masks. However, this spray does something for me. As a heat protectant, it’s great; it’s super light, speeds up my blowdry, and smells fresh, kind of like laundry. I section my hair and spray it through before I use the blowdryer. Afterwards, I find that my hair has extra bounce at the ends, volume at the root, and it feels soft all the way through. It’s all I use in my hair and I’m happy with how it’s holding up — not frizzing — in this humidity. Since using it, a handful of people have complimented my hair and how ‘healthy’ it looks, which I’m crediting to the Blow Dry Mist because I’m about three months past due for a trim.” – Megan Decker, Beauty Editor

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