“It’s resort! Everyone wants to party or go to the beach or wear a puffer jacket!” So said JJ Martin, who was as ebullient and high-vibrational as ever at a showroom appointment, presiding over a flock of DoubleJ employees in head-to-toe prints.

“Think Iris Apfel throwing a Dirty Dancing holiday party on Lake Como,” she elaborated about the tone of the collection. You could easily visualize the 101-year-old priestess of fabulousness clad in La DoubleJ creations. “She’s like a great grandma spirit for La DoubleJ. The way she plays with such great joy and sass is exceptional, but also she’s got real rigor and discipline,” Martin added.

Speaking of puffers, there were many opulent varieties here—sequined, embroidered, boasting intricate jacquards, made in rich brocade or plush velvet, and trimmed with mongolian lamb. The festive, dressy vibe was amped up by party dresses that were alternately shimmering and feather-trimmed, hand-embroidered in raffia, or encrusted with lace intarsia. Whether long and slender, tiered and voluminous, short and retro, or glamorously bohemian, there was a mood-boosting solution for everyone. “There’s nothing depressing in what we do,” Martin said.

New jean options were introduced as fresh additions to the ever-growing line, and denim has never looked so zesty. “What I’m constantly thinking about is how we can get people into a joyful state,” Martin elucidated. “Let’s wrap the world in joy and raise everybody’s vibration—that’s my mission.”

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