Tower of God: Great Journey is the latest idle RPG by Ngelgames. Not to be confused with Netmarble’s upcoming Tower of God: New World. The original webtoon generated 6 billion views, and now inexperienced viewers/readers will finally sample the beautiful Korean manhwa-stylized art in Great Journey. Of course, the game heavily depends on automation, so you’ll spend most of your time preparing units to take down the challenging content of Great Journey, which is why we’ve compiled this handy beginner’s guide for what could be one of Android’s best games. Then, finally, using our beginner’s tips, it’s time to put your trusty Android gaming phone to the test and overcome the obstacles awaiting you in the Tower!


How to play Tower of God: Great Journey

Before jumping into Great Journey, keep in mind that it’s an idle game where the lack of in-battle control may be jarring at first. Don’t stress; this is a typical setup for any idle release.

You can time your Shinsu skills, similar to timing special skills in Priconne and Eversoul. However, this function becomes optional once you’ve toggled on the auto feature. Furthermore, whether you toggle auto (mode) on/off, your units still operate independently, meaning you can’t control your units’ skills and attacks in battle.

The gameplay isn’t the core focus since the game plays more like an interactive webtoon. So it’s best to focus on team preparation and resource collection to clear each floor.

How to recruit more characters in Tower of God: Great Journey

You can’t depend on one or two characters to clear the game’s content. The gacha system offers three banners, but your first few pulls will likely be on the Regular banner. Once you’ve acquired a character, quickly slot them into your team (tap Edit Team) — you can worry about individual power levels later.

Please note that the Regular banner includes a mixture of weapons and characters, naturally making it more challenging to target a specific unit/Ignition weapon.

Re-rolling and what to aim for

If you’re looking to optimize your account, you’re going to re-roll for a legendary weapon; otherwise, go for a legendary character. Legendary weapons add passive skills that provide a more considerable boost (in combat strength) than acquiring characters without their signature weapons.

How to re-roll in Tower of God: Great Journey

  1. Sign in as a guest.
  2. Play through the tutorial and tap skip on story cutscenes (where applicable).
  3. Claim all gifts with Summon tickets from the Mailbox (you get more from missions and quests clearance rewards).
  4. Tap Summon to start your 10-pull on the Regular banner.
  5. Tap on the gear icon (option) > Account > Delete Account.
  6. Repeat the steps until you land a desirable legendary weapon/unit.

Upgrades and equipment

Gearing up for battle is how you’ll guarantee each chapter clears easily. Thankfully, a peculiar system allows multiple units to share the same gear; the early game drops might not suit each unit individually, but it only matters once you start building sets out of higher-tier purple and yellow equipment.

However, leveling up gear is chance-based; each upgrade has a chance to fail or succeed. Therefore, you may need to spend more Gold (than planned) to get lower-level gear up to par.

Tower of Trials

Tower of Trials is a beginner-friendly challenge mode that requires Tower of Trial Keys to climb and repeat floors. Think of this as a daily/weekly activity that costs Stamina; you will need to venture into the Tower of Trials to collect gear/materials for your comrades. Be aware that you need to progress through the story to reach higher floors; for example, you cannot ascend past floor 36 without finishing 3-15 in the story.

You obtain Tower of Trial Keys by completing daily quests, beginner missions, and in-game events or by waiting to receive 1 Key every 72 hours.

Story mode and account level

The story mode is the highlight of Great Journey. But sadly, the content is level locked (the second chapter required account level 15, for example). To bypass these locks, train units at the Rice Pot to accumulate a higher percentage of experience points.

Rice Pot training mode

Rice Pot is the idle training mode you will work to accumulate rewards. You will visit the Rice Pot mode between story chapters to increase your account level, gain Gold and EXP, and more. To face higher-level enemies in this training mode, you must progress through floors/levels, tap on Boss and clear the boss to reach the next floor.

Note: The Boss icon appears after you’ve defeated all monster waves. You can turn on auto-challenge for bosses, too.

Tower of God: Great Journey continues its epic saga on Android

Even if the idle gameplay is not for everyone, fans of the series will be happy to see a continuation and re-telling of Crunchyroll’s Tower of God animated series (covering seasons one and two). Unfortunately, the series barely scratched the surface of the (original) source material, which opens up the game to offer another crack at unveiling its world/story; after all, this might be Slave In Utero’s (Tower of God’s author) final tale to tell.

But, of course, even the best anime games on Android sometimes neglect borrowing from the source material(s), so why not celebrate the canonical moments while we still can — and who knows, maybe if the popularity of the franchise continues to boom then it may persuade Crunchyroll to keep the grand saga going (in televised form).

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