A penthouse overlooking Miami Beach where porn star Rocco Siffredi (wasn’t he retired?) was (pretending to) film (what else?) a porn movie starring Julia Fox enjoying herself (euphemistically speaking) with an unidentified partner on a four poster bed hidden from view (barely) by a foldable screen. Guests attending the #D2naughty spring show were treated to the aforementioned vignette serving as the catwalk’s backdrop, with an aside of moaning by Donna Summer’s “Love To Love You Baby.”

Everyone familiar with the Caten twins knows their irrepressible naughty, funny streak. But here they surpassed themselves. “It’s steamy. Sexual versus proper. WASP-y country club versus raunchy. Privileged upper crust trying out adult entertainment,” they chanted in unison. “Elites meet snob. Snob meets knob.”

Following this eloquent narrative, the collection was a barely-there rendition of the Catens’ mash-ups, reduced to a minimum of body coverage. Yet the humor made the bawdiness of the show outrageously entertaining. After an endless parade of preppy-golf-tennis wear hybridizations with plenty of exposed underwear (for guys) and a series of almost-in-a-state-of-undress minidresses, one skimpier than the other (for girls), out came la Fox, clad in a virginal (so to speak) white lace babydoll, all frills and ruches (an homage to ’90s porn star Cicciolina perhaps?) But the cherry on the over-the-top cake was the finale, with Rocco Siffredi taking to the catwalk and opening his (rather proper) blue blazer to reveal a red T-shirt emblazoned with the acronym V.I.P.—Very Important Penis. It brought the house down.

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