Find a suitable aural companion for your new Pixel

Thinking of owning a Google Pixel 7a? You should top it off with a great pair of wireless earbuds to enjoy music, podcasts, and audiobooks as intended. Wireless buds are also free from wire tangles and great for calls and videos. However, there are many great earbuds in the market, so it takes time to choose the best pair. Let us help you!

First things first: your pain points with a pair of earbuds lie in their audio quality, fit, battery capacity, and of course, price. You wouldn’t want to throw $250 at a pair of earbuds to go with a $500 phone, would you? Keeping all these factors in mind, here are some of the best truly wireless earbuds that will work great with most Pixel phones, including the 7a.

  • Source: Google

    Google Pixel Buds A-Series

    Best overall

    The Google Pixel A-series earbuds are not packed with too many features, but they deliver absolutely great performance where it counts. The 12 mm dynamic drivers are well-balanced to produce the sound that most people will come to love, and the variable-sized ear tips hold them snugly in your ears. Connecting via BT5.0, they stream AAC and SBC codecs. Also, you can converse fluently with Google Assistant thanks to the “Hey Google” detection feature.

  • Source: Google

    Google Pixel Buds Pro

    Premium pick

    With tons of features and powerful performance, the Google Pixel Buds Pro earbuds are a technological marvel. These IPX4-protected earbuds can stream sweet music via Bluetooth 5.0 using SBC and AAC codecs, tuned to perfection for general usage. With the powerful ANC on, they can run 7 hours straight (11 without), and they have a sweet transparent mode. With multipoint connectivity and wireless charging support, these are clearly built to win.

  • Source: EarFun

    Earfun Air Pro 2

    Best value

    Looking simple and unassuming, the EarFun Air Pro 2 earbuds can score among the best of them. The dual 10mm titanium diaphragm drivers deliver clear, precise audio with punchy bass, while their connectivity is stellar with Bluetooth 5.2. They are also great for calls, as the incoming voice is picked up by six mics for noise-filtered input. Moreover, the 40dB ANC lets you easily concentrate on yourself and your music in noisy environments.

  • Samsung Galaxy Buds 2

    Best sound

    Samsung has been producing some of the truly consumer-favoring earbuds for some time now, and the Galaxy Buds2 earbuds are a shining example. First off the bat, they sound wonderful. The AKG-tuned dual complex drivers deliver rich sound optimized to entertain the general-purpose user band, so these can go everywhere with you. The ANC is respectable for the price, and the multipoint connectivity works like a charm. Though made for Bixby, they work just fine with Google Assistant too.

  • JBL Tour Pro Plus

    Experience JBL’s signature bassy yet crisp sound with the Tour Pro+ earbuds. They pack a pair of 6.8mm dynamic drivers tuned specifically to please midrange ears. The ANC in these babies are good, if not great, and controllable from the app as well. With their massive 32-hour battery and wireless fast-charge support, you’ll never miss your tunes. What’s more, they support hands-free Google Assistant interaction too, which includes controlling the earbuds themselves.

  • Jabra Elite 4 Active

    The Jabra Elite 4 Active earbuds were created with working out in the mind, but they are good enough to use anywhere. These durable buds can stay in your bag without charging for days, plus they shake off standard gym sweat with a shrug. Piping through Bluetooth 5.2, these buds produce the Jabra signature tuned sound that would please most ears. They support Google Fast Pair and Google Assistant features effortlessly and do not crash your bank account!

  • Source: Sony

    Sony WF-C500

    While the legendary XM4s are too pricey to be on this list, here’s their little brother, the Sony WF-C500 TWS earbuds. They come with the signature Sony sound that many have come to love, especially with the DSEE technology restoring sounds lost in Bluetooth compression. (This turns out even better with the companion app.) They are comfy, with a sturdy build and an IPX4 rating that says gym-ready, though the lack of ANC may bother some.

  • Skullcandy Dime 2

    Say what you want about Skullcandy, but they have again proved their funky sense of colors with the new Dime 2 earbuds. Available in some seriously cool colorways, including one that looks like a good fit for Harley Quinn, these buds produce superb bass and crisp mids in your ears. In addition, they have an ergonomic build that’s quite comfortable in the ear, the buds are compatible with Tile, and Google Assistant works perfectly well through these, though the battery could be better.

  • Tozo NC9

    Finding some good ANC at the under-$50 band is hard, but the Tozo NC9 earbuds somehow make it work. Though the ANC in these are nothing to write home about, they make do in a pinch. They sound a bit bassy but otherwise smooth, and they are built well for such a cheap pair of buds, with IPX6-grade waterproofing. Supporting wireless charging, they can go 7 hours with ANC on. Of course, the BT5.3 is the cherry on top.

  • Anker Soundcore Space A40

    Anker’s audio products are always worth their money in the low-mid range, and the Space A40 prove the same. You get a workable ANC that claims to reduce over 90% of predictable noise, plus 50 hours of total battery life. That ANC is supposed to be automatically scaled, too. They also support LDAC, so you can listen to excellent audio. Furthermore, the companion app allows you to customize the buds, and you can enjoy AI-enhanced calls using six mics.

  • JLab GO Air POP

    Though not as enchantingly sounding as some of the bigger ones on this list, the JLab Go Air Pop hold their own place. The buds are built well and sound good enough for regular generic usage, and they come with two years of warranty. However, the case ergonomics leave a lot to be desired. For example, in solo mode, the controls can be problematic. Still, you can double-tap the left bud to summon Google Assistant easily.

Choose the best aural companion for your Pixel 7a

Last but not least, small additional features make up our minds, such as ANC, waterproofing, voice control, etc. In fact, the last one is paramount in this case since these earphones are supposed to take full advantage of Pixel 7a’s excellent Google Assistant feature. Last but not least, small additional features make up our minds, such as ANC, waterproofing, voice control, etc. In fact, the last one is paramount in this case since these earphones are supposed to take full advantage of Pixel 7a’s excellent Google Assistant feature.

With all that under consideration, we feel that Pixel’s A-series buds go best with their A-series phones. They seem to be almost the best in every category among their competitors. Yes, their big brother, the Pixel Buds Pros, can steal the show with a sheer performance, but only with a considerable amount of money thrown at them. But you don’t have to spend so much on quality earbuds. Enter the EarFun Air Pro 2, a good balance of quality and price at the sacrifice of a heavy feature set.

The other contenders in the above list are no less. In fact, since no two pairs of ears are equal, it is pretty normal to find your match in unique products. Consider products from Jabra, Tozo, JBL, Skullcandy, etc. — any of them can fit your needs since they all come with a good combination of features and strengths. Just don’t forget to download some high-bitrate quality audio files before you try the earbuds; otherwise, you may not be hearing their full potential.

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