Of all the skin-care products we use, sunscreen is the most powerful (and the most important!) — which is why it’s perhaps the most scrutinized. To pass the basic buy test, it must be broad spectrum SPF 30 or higher and absorb without feeling greasy. But after that baseline, there are a lot of factors to consider. First, do you want a chemical or mineral sunscreen? Do you need it be water- or sweat-resistant? What about an oil-free sunscreen? Or one specifically tailored for sensitive or acne-prone skin? What about price range? Is a sunscreen on sale not as effective as its pricier counterparts? And those considerations are just the start! After all, sunscreen is one of the only shields we have against premature aging from sun damage and skin cancer, so we fully understand needing a thorough investigation before purchasing. But even the most discerning skin-care nerds need extra guidance at times. That’s why we’ve reached out to some of the top dermatologists to find out which sunscreen formulas they’re actually using on their own complexions every day.

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